Friday, December 4, 2009

The Boys Beer Book or Seasonal Country Kitchen

The Boys' Beer Book

Author: Jonny Goodall

An entertaining and informative guide to choosing and buying beer, with inspired tips on how to find the one you want. Beer expert Jonathan Goodall breaks down the wide range of styles, strengths, and flavors in a straightforward way, with hilarious insight and witty observations throughout. He includes fool-proof advice on choosing for taste, information on beer and health, and even suggestions for matching beer with food. More than twenty contemporary illustrations help bring to life the key subjects.

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Seasonal Country Kitchen

Author: Nikki Rowan Kedg

Seasonal Country Kitchen is a classic British cookery book which reflects the changing face of the countryside, blending the old with the new. The authors have adapted tried and tested favorites by using new and lighter ingredients. Recipes are arranged by season and cover everything from picnics, informal parties and light lunches to grand dinner parties. The approach is informal, the recipes easy to prepare, and the food immensely appealing.

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