Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pharaohs Feast or Exotic Appetites

Pharaoh's Feast: From Pit-Boiled Roots to Pickled Herring, Cooking Through the Ages with 110 Simple Recipes

Author: Oswald Rivera

Drawing on written sources from the fifth century, B.C. to today, veteran cookbook author Oswald Rivera recreates ingredient lists and recipes to allow modern cooks to prepare historic delights from Esau's biblical mess of pottage to contemporary pasta primavera. Packed with fun facts, this culinary history includes such treats as a seven-course dinner from King Srenika's royal bash in first millennial Indus Valley, Colonial New England's Johny Cakes and the modern era's meatloaf. Black-and-white illustrations accompany this lively history of cooking.

Book about: Executricks or Developing the Leaders around You

Exotic Appetites: Ruminations of a Food Adventurer

Author: Lisa M Heldk

Exotic Appetites is a far-reaching exploration of what Lisa Heldke calls "food adventuring": the passion, fashion and pursuit of experimentation with ethnic foods. The aim of Heldke's critique is to expose and explore the colonialist attitudes embedded in our everyday relationship and approach to foreign foods. Exotic Appetites brings to the table the critical literatures in postcolonialism, critical race theory, and feminism in a provocative and lively discussion of eating and "ethnic" cuisine. Chapters look closely at the meanings and implications involved in the quest for unusual restaurants and exotic dishes, related restaurant reviews and dining guides, and ethnic cookbooks.

Table of Contents:
Leaving Home: One Girl's Story
Pt. 1Let's Eat Chinese1
1The Quest for Novelty9
2The Pursuit of Authenticity23
3The Other as Resource45
Pt. 2How I Ate Civet Cat and Lived to Tell the Tale61
4And Reader, We Ate It69
5What Do You Mean We Can't Film the Market Sequence Here?89
Pt. 3Let's Cook Thai101
6Can the Doughboy Be an Insider?105
7How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini119
8Aided by My Faithful Old Family Cook131
Pt. 4Toward Anticolonialist Eating151
9Okay, Let's Stay Home157
10The Skeptical Palate169
11Eating in Context193
Epilogue: Returning to the Garden219

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