Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vassouras or Forgotten Elegance

Vassouras: A Brazilian Coffee County, 1850-1900. The Roles of Planter and Slave in a Plantation Society

Author: Stanley J Stein

This book is a now classic social and economic study of the origins, apogee, and decline of coffee in the Parahyba Valley of South Central Brazil. Local society, the free-planters, professionals, tradesmen, and lower class citizens-and the slaves, are viewed through the routine of plantation life. The author shows how abolition, erosion, and bankruptcy transformed virgin forest into a wasteland of eroded hillsides and abandoned towns, of disillusioned planters and poverty-stricken black freedmen.

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Forgotten Elegance: The Art, Artifacts, and Peculiar History of Victorian and Edwardian Entertaining in America

Author: Wendell Schollander

History students and Victorian enthusiasts looking for comprehensive information on dining practices of Victorian America will find this book a vital resource. Revealing the history of 19th-century dining, clothing, and etiquette, the volume includes sample menus and explicit instructions explaining how to recreate a dinner, tea, breakfast, or lunch in the 21st century. Collectors of china, crystal, and silver will also find this book helpful because it provides a photograph of each piece of tableware that was used, with a history and description of the item.

Table of Contents:
IA Short History of the Art of Dining
1A History of Formal Dining3
2Understanding the Food in a Victorian Meal21
3Wine and Other Beverages31
IIThe Accoutrements
7Visiting Cards and Invitations133
IIIStatus and Etiquette
8Seating Etiquette143
9Table Etiquette149
IVThe Dinner Stage and the Props
11Setting the Victorian Table179
VThe Formal Meal as a Performance
12The Progression of the Meal197
VIGiving an Elegant Dinner
13Giving a Victorian or Edwardian Dinner213
VIIOther Elegant Entertaining
14Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate241
15Breakfast and Lunch261
English/French Glossary275
Further Reading283

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