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Chocolate or Low Fat Handbook

Chocolate: Food of the Gods, Vol. 14

Author: Alex Szogyi

Chocolate has been one of mankind's obsessions for centuries. The history of cacao and chocolate-making leads from Mexico to Spain and then France, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium, while its consumption is universal. This collection examines chocolate's history as well as its use in literature, art, music, and folklore, as a subject for psychology and childrearing, and as an important product for business. In addition, recipes for novel and tasty uses of chocolate are provided. While chocolate may be seen as "food of the gods," it is consumed around the world by all ages and classes. This is an intriguing book for scholars in many fields and for those interested in the history of food and their favorite sweet.


This collection of 20 contributions examines chocolate's history, as well as its use in literature, art, music, and folklore, psychology, and commerce. Examined in some depth is chocolate's use in psychological research; chocolate's role in art and literature, from the Avant-Garde to the Marquis de Sade; and important but little-known details about the processing and manufacture of chocolate. A treasure-trove of information, lore, and even a few recipes for cooks and chocoholics. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Table of Contents:
IChocolate and Psychology1
1Chocolate and Loneliness among the Elderly3
2Locus of Control and Chocolate Perceptions11
3Curing Irrationality with Chocolate Addiction19
4Perceived Attributes of Chocolate35
IIChocolate and Literature45
5Conventions of Chocolate as Weapons of War and Peace in Shaw's Arms and the Man, Straus's The Chocolate Soldier and in the MGM Film Version, The Chocolate Soldier47
6Candy, Cheka, and Controversy: The Propaganda Failure of Alexander Tarasov-Rodionov's 1922 Novel Chocolate59
7Chocolate for Rrose: Marcel Duchamp's Chocolate Grinder and The Large Glass67
8Has Modernism Failed the Chocolate Box?85
9Chocolate Imagery in Avant-Garde Art93
10Inside the Pastilles of the Marquis de Sade99
IIIChocolate Commerce and Health109
11The Role of Chocolate in the American Diet: Nutritional Perspectives111
12Bite-Sized Marketing: Candy Bars125
13Proof That an Entrepreneurial Dream Can Come True . . . Through Chocolate131
14Trends in Chocolate137
IVChocolate Lore145
15Cacao: Gift of the New World147
16The Social and Economic History of Cacao Cultivation in Colonial Soconusco, New Spain155
17Chocolate - Its Quality and Flavor (Which Is the World's Best Chocolate?)165
18Location Factors in Cocoa Growing and the Chocolate Industry183
20Chocolate Recipes205
About the Editor and Contributors223

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